Mike Mineo

  • The Boardroom in The Barmuda Triangle (map)
  • 7 Greenwood Drive
  • Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928
  • United States

Mike Mineo is visiting this world. His awkward sense of humor and wide-eyed jesterly ways are just some indications of his reality being based on some other plain of existence. Yet through his music he manages to bring forth a relationship with people here that is more genuine and palpable than most they share with people they have known for years. The reason is this, Mike deals in soul orientation. Whether comical or sublime, he hits the common note in people that makes them feel safe enough to let this minstrel dominatrix molest their conventionality to a destructive climax. He will venture to coax you out of your standard of living, but that is not his main gig. His number one goal is not to have one and to simply let life live through him with music as his primary venue. He earns your trust by honoring the artistic vessel that he is, rather than falling victim to the self enamored pitfalls characterized by some musicians.
Born and raised in South Florida, fully reaping the benefits of full moons over the beach, Mike nurtured his artistic sensibility. In school, he would leave class for a bathroom break, raid a guitar from the chorus room, and entertain one of the few classrooms lucky enough to have an open-minded teacher. He then hit the open road to see the country right out of high school, a common rite of passage from the book of all true soul searchers, from which he wisely took a page.
He has done the research folks. Walked his shoes to the sole and bares the fruit from the experience. He offers reprieve from the waiting line, to tempt that latent part of you that knows there is more than just this. So come and see the spectacle, an experienced audio-erotic seduction of your senses that springs forth from a child-like foundation. You may come with a safe word, but you will walk away contently violated never to remember what it was.