Lyn Avenue

  • The Boardroom in Barmuda Triangle (map)
  • 7 Greenwood Dr
  • Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928
  • United States

Lyn Avenue is a country band from Savannah GA led by front-woman Cc Witt. Her strong talent in songwriting has been winning her awards since the age of thirteen. Cc’s songs are known for their depth, dynamic range, and particularly, the stories that lie behind the lyrics. When paired with her co-writer, Patrick Ellington, the two create the distinct and striking sound that is, Lyn Avenue. A country-pop feel with a dynamic range of lyrical themes, conveyed through wit and clever lyrics, they strive to bring a modern vibe to tradition.

Lyn Avenue officially began in 2010 as a pop-rock band playing the basements of Savannah. It wasn’t until 2011, when lead singer/songwriter, Cc Witt, wrote the song “Everyday Guardian Angel,” a pure country ballad, that audiences truly started to take notice. Since then, the band began embracing their southern roots. By 2013, Lyn Avenue was a contender in the GA Music Awards, nominated for “Best Country Band” and again in 2014. 
The band’s latest album titled “The Other Side” produced by Justin Murray, melodically illustrates their country influences with eccentricity and charm. The album released April 2014 and features a diverse collection of songs ranging from “Summer Rain”, a warm, catchy, simple tune to others such as, “A Gambler’s Game”, which contains a darker, more involved theme. Over the last year, the album has been well-received and has facilitated Lyn Avenue’s recent triumphs, opening for acts such as Jerrod Neimann, Adam Sanders, Jeff Allen, and several others.